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As leaders in the volunteer sector, the world we seek to serve is continuously changing, led by constant innovations in technology and data, the evolution and rapid rise of social networks, a digitally native generation now entering the workforce, and a growing leadership crisis. We must evolve to continue to make an impact.

Service Unites 2018 features 12 learning paths and more than 100 workshops offering proven models and innovative solutions from leaders and experts in the field.


Building Resilient Communities

Nonprofits, businesses, national service members and community volunteers are increasingly working together to overcome systemic failures, strengthen the connection between people and their environment, and achieve social equity. Their collective action leads to clear, measurable impact and sustainable long-term change. Discover successful collaborative civic engagement models that empower and equip citizens to create healthy, sustainable, thriving communities.

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As communities around the world face continuous societal shifts, including, diverse political, economic and social challenges, companies are stepping up as leaders and advocates in social action, policy and community-building. Access the research, models, proven practices and networks you need to accelerate and grow your corporate volunteer programs. Leave inspired and equipped to amplify your company’s corporate values through employee engagement and position your business as a force for good in society.

Disaster Preparedness and Response

Disasters, whether natural or man-made, are a catalyst for volunteer mobilization, but the frequency of disasters requiring large-scale response and the continuous evolution of technology are changing the ways in which volunteers engage in this work. Access the insights, tools and connections you need to grow and expand your preparedness, response and recovery volunteer programs. Hear from disaster response organizations about how to best manage the volume and diversity of skills and availability of volunteer responders as an essential component of a successful volunteer program during a disaster.


In areas where resources are scarce, churches and other faith-based organizations may be among the few social institutions capable of galvanizing a community into action and providing a common ground for community programs to take place. Engage in dialogue with faith and community leaders to learn how congregations are putting their faith and service into action, partnering with their communities to provide solutions that address poverty and need.

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Repair the World


In a rapidly changing world, the relationship between individuals and institutions continues to shift. Hear from thought leaders who are transforming the way individuals, nonprofits and corporations engage in community changemaking around the globe. Deepen insights into the strategies, innovations and emerging trends that have the potential to change the world as we grow the global service movement together.

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Higher Education

Higher education institutions regularly engage with the broader community to provide an opportunity for students to deepen their education through volunteerism and service learning. These experiences offer value to community problem-solvers while encouraging students to interact with people, cultures and views different from their own. Explore the ways in which higher education institutions are graduating ethical, engaged and informed students who are poised to be future leaders of our rapidly evolving society.

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Bill Flores, University of Houston

Military and Veterans

Veterans, active-duty military and their families are extraordinary civic leaders. Through their civic engagement, members of the military community strengthen every community in which they serve. Explore how stakeholders can effectively collaborate and benefit from the leadership, skills, talents and passions of the military community to create lasting change.

National Service

National service and community volunteerism are considered the twin engines of civic engagement. Get active in the national service conversation and learn effective techniques for strengthening national service programs. Connect with practitioners through hands-on learning about recruitment, retention, member participation and satisfaction. Engage with accomplished AmeriCorps alums whose service has transformed their lives.

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America's Service Commission and Service Year

Nonprofit Capacity Building

In a resource-strapped environment, nonprofits must be agile and well-positioned to leverage and maximize all available assets. Discover proven solutions for increasing your nonprofit’s effectiveness and reach while improving your ability to collaborate and drive innovation. Deepen your knowledge of cutting-edge technology, data mining and strategic volunteer engagement to bolster your organization’s efforts to meet community needs.

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Nonprofit Volunteer Engagement/Service Enterprise

Effectively tapping into the time, talent and resources of individuals who are passionate about your cause is key to delivering on your mission. Discover breakthrough tools and strategies for developing high-impact service programs. Leading experts and practitioners will share proven practices as well as current trends, and you will learn innovative ways to recruit, retain and manage volunteers.

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Beth Steinhorn, VQ Volunteer Strategies
Jennifer Bennett, VolunteerMatch

Tech in Volunteerism

Constant innovations in technology give people new ways to engage while generating new pools of data to mine to transform our work. Learn from social entrepreneurs and innovators across sectors who are developing new ways to connect with and engage individuals in meaningful ways to meet social missions. Engage in new and unique approaches to solving problems.

Youth Engagement

Our youth today are digital natives with views on community defined by social networks. Learn from community organizations that are empowering young people by engaging them in training and advocacy, and providing them with resources to meet traditional and virtual community needs. Discover how young people can be a catalyst for change and impact while also developing problem-solving and leadership skills.

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This is one of the few events where all members of the social good sector are in attendance. With business, nonprofit and public sectors attending, we can dig deeper and have cross-sector conversations.

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The conference proved to be one of the most engaging and exciting professional gatherings of like-minded people I've ever attended. Although the topics, content, and presentations all appropriately centered around volunteering and service in some way, the sheer range of them was simply astounding.

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